20-Piece Garden Tools Set


This garden tool kit offers a well-rounded set of tools for specific gardening purposes. Garden hand tools not only help maintain your garden but also make it easier to grow food yourself. Each garden is different from the other and it has its own unique set of challenges and requirements.



Size of the Heavy-Duty Tools

Trowel: Size: 12” x 3” Material: Aluminum + PVC

Transplanter: Size: 12” x 2” Material: Aluminum + PVC

Hand Rake: Size: 11.4” x .5” Material: Aluminum + PVC

Cultivator: Size: 11” x 2.8” Material: Aluminum + PVC

Weeder: Size: 12” x 1.6” Material: Aluminum + PVC

Pruner: Size: 8.9” x 2” Material: Aluminum + PVC


6PCS Heavy-Duty Aluminum Hand Tool Kit


  1. Material: Aluminum Alloy + Waterproof 600D PVC
  2. Thickened Aluminum Alloy – The thickness of aluminium alloy is 90mm, which is 25 mm thicker than others on the market. Buy one for life time.
  3. Anti-Rust Technology – Toughness, sharp and durable.
  4. Anti-Slip Performance – Less blisters and aching hands.
  5. Soft Grips Handles – Reducing stress on hands. Ergonomically Design – Reduce repetitive hand motion injuries & fatigue wrist strain.


Trowel & Transplanter

*Transplanting trowel has depth measurements on it for quick reference. And This tool is perfect for delicate transplanting jobs. *Hand trowel is suitable for all small digging jobs when planting, taking up plants, turning up earth and more.


*The weeder can be used for stubborn weeds and loosen soil while causing minimum damage to the roots.

Hand Fork & Hand Rake

*The weeding fork is suitable for loosening soil, cleaning particular area etc. *The cultivator hand rake is perfect for loosen soil, remove weeds and aerate soil.


*Our upgraded garden pruner equipped with a flexible switch button, you can easily open and lock the pruner, which ensure safety for use.

Digging Claw Gardening Gloves

Gloves with claw make digging easy, gloves no claw is flexible and suitable for grading.

Hand Sprayer

You need a precise hand sprayer. easy adjust, durable makes this perfect for: spraying neem oil, misting veggies and pest control.

Plant Rope

Can be used as garden twist tie, securing plants, vines, shrubs and flowers to trellis, stakes, or other supports

Butterfly Stakes

It’s easy to conceal the thin metal stake, creating the illusion of real butterflies. The wings can be pushed open or shut for varied display.


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