Electric Massage Chair

Electric Massage Chairs can help align your spine and reduce pressure on nerves. This will give you a relaxing experience beyond your expectations. Electric Massage Chairs use rotating movements to release tension in specific locations of your body.


Amazing Features of Real Relax Favor 03 Massage Chair

Different Massage Options and Intensities

  1. 4 preset auto massage programs: Sleep, mild, relaxing, and strong mode, which represents 4 kinds of massage speed and intensities.

Save More Money

  1. Like more expensive massage chairs, real relax ones has features following: zero gravity design, heating function, vibration, full body airbag and foot roller.

Newest Ergonomic Design

  1. Exclusive Armrest link system, give you arms comfort when reclining.

Customize Your Precise Massage

  1. Use the remote manual programs to massage individual areas based on your needs, a timer for up to 30 minutes.

a Recliner Chair

  1. When it turns off, it can be used as a recliner chair to sleep, rest and entertainment.

Ideal Gift Choice

  1. Provides relief to full body pain and muscle tense for sub-health people, office workers, parents, a great investment for home and office use.

Footrests Extended

  1. When it turns off, it can use a recliner chair to sleep, rest and entertainment. And its weight capacity is about 400 pounds.

Additional details about Real Relax Massage Chair

Remote Control

  1. Advanced high definition VFD display screen, easy to read and understand
  2. in Manual programs, you can do the following:
  3. Choose Airbags massage parts and speed.
  4. Choose neck and waist roller massage mode and speed.
  5. Setting suitable massage time

2 wheels for easy movement

With two movement wheels in the back, recline and push it, easy to move, a portable massage chair

a Recliner chair

When it is off, real relax massage chair can be used a recliner sofa chair to take a nap, watch TV or movies and reading, etc, ideal for entertainment in daily.

People intended for

Multi-functional massage chair, provides relief to body pain, muscle tense and sore for sub-health people.

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Specific body parts massage

Heating Therapy

Built-in waist and feet heater, help improve your circulation and metabolism, bring you warm massage

Calves and Feet massage

  1. Air compression massage to calves.
  2. Airbag and roller massage to feet, built in heater to feet.

Neck, back, and waist roller Massage

  1. 8 massage points inside the backrest, roller massage speed can be adjusted.
  2. Roller massage can relieve the stress and pain of the neck back and waist, perfect for relaxing after work.
  3. Back massage rollers go round in the same place.

Hips and arms airbag massage

  1. Seat vibrator and airbags massage to hips, which make you feel that hands press and knead your hips.
  2. Arms airbag massage and arms link system provide relief to arms muscle tense.
  3. Airbag massage to shoulders.

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Real Relax Favor 03 Massage Chair, Black Real Relax Favor 05 Massage chair, Black Real Relax Favor 05 Massage Chair, Khaki Real Relax L1 Model Massage Chair, Grey and Navy Blue Real Relax L1 Model Massage Chair, Brown Real Relax Favor 03 Massage Chair, Brown
Full body airbag massage ✓
Zero Gravity Design ✓
Foot roller massage ✓
Hip Vibration ✓
Heating Body Parts Waist and foot foot foot foot foot Waist and foot
Auto Programs 4 Auto Programs 6 Auto Programs 6 Auto Programs 4 Auto Programs 4 Auto Programs 4 Auto Programs


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