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Partner with OMline Mall.

ECO, Vegan, Beautiful and Meaningful, Healthy Products and Apparel for Everyone's Wellbeing 

Our Goal is to Increase Self Awareness and Elevate Consciousness

Join our team of ambassadors and Spread Light, Love, and Wellness to the World 

OMline Mall's Partnership Program

Partner with OMline Mall. Help Us Bring Health Healthy Living and Spiritual Practice Tools to as many People as Possible. Help Us Change and Improve Lives. We are on a mission to reduce and eliminate suffering by education, training and the use of products that increase health, longevity, and spiritual connection. We take people on a journey to Radiant Health and Self Realization, and we would love to have you on our team. 

When joining a particular store's partnership program, you will see the following message.

"You have now joined the OMline (Store Name) Partners Program. You are welcome to join the rest of our individual store's partnership programs and start offering your followers an array of products that can improve their lives in every way."

The Goal of OMline Mall and its network of stores is to elevate consciousness in any way we can through education and training at OMline Academy and through products that can improve the health and spiritual life of anyone who uses them.

We appreciate you! Welcome to our team. We are on a mission to reduce and eliminate suffering and help as many people as we can, experience radiant health, peace of mind, and happiness. 

Once you sign up, you will have your own link to every product in the store. Every time someone purchases a product from your link you will make a percentage of the income. We start you off with 8% but that can grow the more you sell. (We will contact you privately to discuss the matter)

all the policies please see the individual store's policy links at the footer.
You will be paid 7 days after the 14-day money-back guarantee (from the time the person received the package) we offer on every purchase.

May our partnership be blessed and prosperous. 
To contact us regarding the partnership program, use the contact us page. 

OM, Ananda, and the Team.

Step one: Partner Sign Up

Welcome. We are honored to have you join the OMline Mall partnership program. We are on a mission to increase and

intensify the power of light, love, and all that is good. By joining forces with like-minded aspirants like yourself,

together, we'll be able to spread the wisdom of the ages, through enlightening, positive messages. Using Healthy products and apparel. Together we can affect radical positive health and spiritual transformation in the lives of many

Step Two: Share with your tribe

Ways to share:

While on your affiliate dashboard...

1. Click on any link and go to the product page. create your own graphic and share it with your link to the product page.

2. Share our images, graphics, and video from the OMline Fashion pages on social media and attach your link to the image. see links to our social media pages below.

3. Coming soon... A partner's membership. The membership will include training and support. As well as marketing material including graphics, video, images, banners, etc.

To join the OMline Mall Partnership Program:

Follow the video instructions above or the written instructions below. (The video shows the OMline Fashion partnership, but the same process applies to registering to any of our store's partnership programs.)

1. At the OMline Mall Store Click on Register at the top right corner of the page and create an account.

2. On the MY Account page, click on Become an Affiliate

3. login to your account and to the affiliate dashboard.

4. In the affiliate dashboard you will find your affiliate links to promote any product you like, out of our growing collection, with your followers.

Choose The OMline Store To Partner with

Please note that not all the planned stores of OMline Mall are fully functional currently. Some of the stores are still under Constuction. To be notified when a new store and its partner's program is launched, please contact us here

Stores that have active partnership programs currently are:

OMline Home Sanctuary. Your Home is your Sacred Oasis. Design Your Home Sanctuary to Inspire Sacred Relations, Relaxation, Peace, and Joy.

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